Two Choices for the DIY Website

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If you want to create your own website, but aren’t a programer/coder/designer yourself, what are your choices?

Two good choices are WordPress and SquareSpace.

WordPress, I read recently, powers 18% of the web. Lateral Action has a post, “How WordPress Helps You Take Creative Control of Your Website.”

Want to see what can be done with WordPress? Check out the Showcase.

How to learn how to use WordPress:

Watch tutorials on

Attend a WordCamp

What’s the difference between and is where you go for a free blog and have a domain name that ends in This is fine for some uses, I have some of those. They’re handy for temporary, personal and not for profit uses. For serious sites, I recommend self-hosting your website using

What does self-hosting mean? That means you have your own hosting company that “hosts” or serves the site, and you download and install the WordPress software. Some hosts offer one click installation of WordPress, you really can learn to do this yourself, if you’re interested.

The download of WordPress is free, you pay your hosting fees to your hosting company (just make sure that the one you choose supports WP).

There is a compromise: now has a feature that allows you to buy a domain name through them, at the time that you create the site, to allow you to have a domain name without the (I don’t know if you can transfer a domain you already own.)

So, I like WordPress and use it a lot, but another option I keep hearing about is SquareSpace.

The price ranges from $8.00/mo. to $24.00/mo. At $24.00/mo., that’s getting a bit pricey and I would want to compare that carefully to my other options.

But, a Chicago web designer tells me it’s what she recommends to artists who want to do their own sites.

Sometimes though, the important thing is to Just Start. Sometimes, you need to not research endlessly and find the perfect solution. Sometimes, you just need to find the solution you can do yourself today, for the lowest out of pocket price, today.

And for that, either one of these could be that solution.

What do you use for your site? Do you do it yourself or work with a professional?

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5 comments on “Two Choices for the DIY Website

  1. I use self-hosted WordPress and find it’s great for what I need. Hosting fees are less than $4 a month and I use Woocommerce (free) for my online store. Price can’t be beat & I like tinkering my site (I am familiar with creating websites).

    I’ve never used Squarespace so interested to find out who may & what their thoughts are.

    Also, did you mean “have a domain name that ends in .wordpress.COM”? :)

    Kim Paige
    Red Tree Studio

  2. Oh yes! I meant, thanks so much for catching that, I fixed it!

    Cool, thanks for sharing about what you use for your site! I’ll look up woocommerce.

  3. Hi again Kim — your website looks great! A terrific example of what you can do with WordPress!

  4. Good advise Elaine!
    Wordpress is what i advise for anybody who has an interest in DIY. It has a learning curve but it’s manageble.
    For my own website I use Joomla, another open-source programme. I the time I started making my site, WordPress wasn’t as much developed as it is now.

  5. I’ve heard good things about Joomla too. Good to hear you recommend WP too. Thanks for the comment!

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