Round up: Should you talk about your mistakes?


Lorelle, of Lorelle on WordPress, has a series of posts up that are blog exercises for you.

This post: is about blogging your mistakes and why you might want to.

That’s a bit of a theme that’s been coming up lately in what I’ve been reading. In the book, Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticity by Emily Matcher, the author talks about all those home design and cooking blogs where the children and always perfect and well dressed, the projects elaborate, the meals gorgeous and healthy too.

And how of course, no one’s life is really like that.

Those of us who blog about our creative process, of course we want to show our best work too, which can lead to the appearance that we’re like those perfect home chefs who never ruin a meal.

Ebony Love recently responded to that perception in this most, Sometimes I Just Don’t Want to:

And I just blogged about a mistake last week, here:

What about you? Do you blog about your jewelry? Would you ever blog about a mistake?

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ElaineI'm an artist and writer. I blog about metal clay and jewelry making and the business of crafts at All Things Metal Clay.View all posts by Elaine →

4 comments on “Round up: Should you talk about your mistakes?

  1. AbsoLUTEly I talk about my mistakes, my mis-steps, and my redirections! I own my crap, and I’ve shared enough of it to hopefully let my readers know that I don’t think I’m perfect.

  2. Hi Cyndi! Thanks so much for your comment!

  3. Hi Elaine! I haven’t talked with you for awhile, but I always enjoy your posts :-) Metal clay month is coming up in August on Beading Arts…you have anything you’d like to share? I know that I’ve already got a few links to your site for various reasons that I’ll be posting…

  4. Thanks! Great to hear that you enjoy the posts, I appreciate that. Sure, I bet I have something to contribute to Metal Clay month, I’ll email you, thanks!

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